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How to Develop an Effective Parenting Plan for Child Custody Arrangements in New York

The purpose of developing a parenting plan is to make sure that the best interests of the child are considered in every decision that is made about that child’s life and their future. When a married couple brings a child into the world, they each share an equal obligation to care for and provide for… Read More »

How Domestic Violence Impacts Child Custody Decisions

Dealing with divorce is already an emotionally-charged experience, but add to that the fear and anxiety that comes with domestic abuse and you’ve got a stressful situation on your hands. If you also have children and are concerned about the danger of leaving your child alone with an abusive parent, you might not know where… Read More »

Selecting the Right Business Entity for Your New York Startup

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the right entity for your small business startup. Each option has different legal requirements for getting started, and each has different tax implications and liability protections. The following is a high-level overview of the various types of entities that you could choose. However, when it… Read More »

How to Develop a Postnuptial Agreement that Will Protect Both of You

When a marriage ends in divorce, it can be by mutual agreement, or it can be an ugly, drawn-out battle. What makes for the messy disputes is the lack of any kind of agreement or plan for what would happen to the money and the property in the event of death or divorce. Why might… Read More »

How Does a Cheating Spouse Affect Property Division in a Divorce Case?

Infidelity is the cause of many divorces. One spouse may cheat on the other and then try to hide their behavior, but the truth usually comes out, leaving the other spouse bitter, upset and looking for revenge during the divorce. New York was the last state to adopt the no-fault divorce policy, which simply means… Read More »

How to Have a Discussion About a Pre-nuptial Agreement

Open, clear communication is a vital ingredient in a healthy marriage. The conversation about a pre-nuptial agreement is not an easy one because it conjures up all kinds of pre-conceived ideas about what a prenuptial agreement means and who really benefits from them. If the conversation is not handled carefully, it can doom the relationship,… Read More »

How to Pull Off a High-Net Worth Divorce Without Making a Scene

The two of you might have made headlines when you were married, but now that it’s time to think about divorce, you are filled with dread about all of the drama. However, there is no need to worry. It is possible to get divorced without repeating the War of the Roses. If it is your… Read More »

How to Deal with Non-Payment of Child Support in New York

Parenting is ideally a two-person job. It takes two people to raise, nourish and provide for a child. Unfortunately, this job often falls on the shoulders of the custodial parent when the non-custodial parent either disappears or is not responsible enough to pay their monthly child support obligation. What is the custodial parent going to… Read More »

Modifying a Child Support Order in New York

There are several reasons for needing to modify a child support order. You can request a post-divorce decree modification when there has been a significant and continuing change of circumstance after the decree has been final for at least six months. What are some of the change of circumstances that might require a post-decree child… Read More »

Tips for Using Social Media during Your Divorce

You may be ready to get back out of your marriage, but don’t announce it on Facebook — at least not until your divorce is final. Your trip to the Abaco Islands, your new sports car and your designer clothes might impress your prospective love interest, but it can also adversely impact your custody, child… Read More »