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Tips for Using Social Media during Your Divorce

You may be ready to get back out of your marriage, but don’t announce it on Facebook — at least not until your divorce is final. Your trip to the Abaco Islands, your new sports car and your designer clothes might impress your prospective love interest, but it can also adversely impact your custody, child… Read More »

Who Gets Mittens? — Determining Pet Custody during Divorce

Your cat has stood by you through thick and thin and really understands your feelings. Your dog is your best friend and avid protector. Your bird actually listens to you, which is more than you can say for your spouse. If, like many couples, you consider your cat, dog or other pet to be part… Read More »

How the Supreme Court’s DOMA Opinion Affects NY Same-Sex Couples

In June 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. Praised as a positive step for gay and lesbian rights, what does this decision really mean for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender couples who are married or planning to wed? DOMA defined marriage as… Read More »

Why Choose Mediation to Settle Your Child Custody Disputes?

During the heat of a custody battle, you may think there is no way you and the other parent are going to see eye-to-eye on anything, let alone on who gets the kids. However, chances are you agree about more than you think, and at the least, you both likely want the best for your… Read More »

Will the Affordable Care Act Rectify the Post-divorce Loss of Insurance Coverage?

In many households, one spouse carries health insurance for the entire family through employment benefits. Traditionally, the husband’s policy might cover his wife, who may have given up her career to care for the couple’s children. Dissolution of marriage may, therefore, result in loss of her insurance coverage. However, there are also plenty of men… Read More »

Who Is Going to Pay for Our Children’s College?

How are we going to pay for the kids’ college? This question is on the minds of many parents. Families often must save up for years to pay the high costs of education, which can include books, computers, campus activities, housing and other expenses, in addition to tuition. For divorcing parents, the question typically evolves… Read More »

Tips for Dividing Your Home during Divorce

Much like King Solomon’s baby, you cannot cut your home in two. One partner, or neither, keeps your marital residence after the divorce. Your home is likely one of your most valuable assets and may also be your biggest debt. Therefore, the answer to who gets to keep the home may not be as simple… Read More »

Same-Sex Marriage is Now Legal in New York, But Are You Fully Protected?

The Marriage Equality Act, which legalized same-sex marriage in New York, was passed on June 24, 2011. Two years later, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act — typically referred to as DOMA — thereby ending the federal government’s unconstitutional treatment of same-sex couples. These two landmark legal events conferred equal… Read More »

Don’t Take the Blame for Your Ex’s Mistakes — Get Relief from the IRS

The filing of a joint tax return offers some advantages to a married couple, but also makes each spouse jointly and severally liable for taxes owed and any penalties and interests accumulated on unpaid taxes. This means that when you filed jointly you took responsibility for taxes due on the income your spouse has earned,… Read More »

Tips for Dealing with Child Visitation Issues this Holiday Season

The holidays can feel bittersweet for divorced parents. Many parents decide on a rotating visitation schedule in which the kids spend alternating holiday seasons with each parent. Although this arrangement is fair, shuttling your kids between households can be stressful and heartbreaking if you are the parent who doesn’t have custody this holiday season. Although… Read More »